Math courses for Stanford students

Distinguished Stanford graduates such as David Kreps and Darrell Duffie contributed important new ideas in economics from the beginning of their careers partly because they are creative and partly because they were extraordinarily well equipped in mathematical and statistical tools.

Math Department

  • Math 103, 104, Linear algebra
  • Math 113, 114 Linear algebra and matrix theory
  • Math 106, Introduction to functions of a complex variable (especially useful for econometrics and time series analysis)
  • Math 124, Introduction to stochastic processes
  • Math 130, Ordinary differential equations
  • Math 103, 104, Linear algebra
  • Math 131, Partial differential equations
  • Math 175, Functional analysis
  • Math 205A, B, C, Real analysis and functional analysis
  • Math 230A, B, C, Theory of Probability
  • Math 236, Introduction to stochastic differential equations

Engineering Economic Systems and Operations Research

  • EESOR 313, Vector Space Optimization. This course is taught from `the Bible' by the author (Luenberger). The book is wonderful and widely cited by economists
  • EESOR 322, Stochastic calculus and control


  • Stat 215-217, Stochastic processes (Cover)
  • Stat 218, Modern Markov chains (Diaconis)
  • Stat 310 A, B, Theory of probability (Dembo)